Gold Crest Care Center Provides Residents’ Visitors with Delicious Meals Free of Charge

Nursing homes and care facilities enjoy a constant stream of visitors, with family members and friends of residents stopping in to see their loved ones on holidays, birthdays, or for no reason but to say ‘I miss you’. Some nursing homes attempt to accommodate their visitors by having a beverage station, serving hot tea and coffee. Other facilities may even have snacks and other refreshments on hand for residents’ visitors.

Gold Crest Care Center takes guest hospitality to a much higher level. At Gold Crest, we treat everyone who enters our facility as a valued guest who deserves a flawless experience and we hold our staff to a very high standard. We are proud to open our elegant dining area to family members and friends, where they are served healthy and tasty meals along with our residents.Gold Crest Care Center is proud of its outstanding dietary department, which is a crucial aspect of operations here at Gold Crest Care Center. We take great pride in the fresh and nutritious food we make on site. We understand that many health issues our residents encounter can potentially be avoided with the right diet. Our dietitians work with every resident individually to create personalized nutrition plans.

This is one example of the excellent hospitality that is extended to all of our guests at Gold Crest Care Center. We recognize its not easy having a loved one in a care center and we do our utmost to make the adjustments easier. If there is any other way we can be of assistance, please ask us!

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