Gold Crest Care Center Shares Easy Ways To Go Green At Home

Bronx, NY based Nursing Home invites the community to go green this March for Earth Day

Bronx, NY (March 2014) In today’s society, there is strong concern for preserving the planet and it’s resources from overuse. Protecting land, environments, and ecosystems across the globe have become key initiatives for businesses and people all over the world. This is why Gold Crest Care Center hopes to educate and encourage the community to participate in going Green this March to honor Earth Day on March 20th 2014. Green initiatives are simple to start in your own home or business and are often more cost effective than traditional practices, which can be more wasteful.

Small lifestyle changes at home can greatly affect our immediate and global environment, such as reducing landfill waste, airborne toxins and fumes, and preserving natural reserves. Gold Crest Care Center shares five tips on going green at home, and calls on residents and members of the community to band together for greener and cleaner neighborhoods. To get involved, adopt some of these simple practices to make a positive green imprint on your community.

– Give up disposable bags! Paper or plastic? Bring your own. Reusable grocery bags help to reduce the amount of trees cut down to make paper bags and the amount of non-biodegradable materials from plastic bags.

– Turn off your computer completely at night, instead of letting it overcharge. This will save on your energy bill, while also preserving your battery’s lifetime.

– Before making that new item purchase, do the research to see if it’s something you could find from a yard sale or consignment shop, cutting down on landfill waste.

– Replace one meal a week with a vegetarian option. Not only is it healthy for you, it saves hundreds of gallons of water (it takes 100 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of ground beef)!

– Introduce houseplants to your home. They increase oxygen circulation and bring peaceful energy to a space.

“We’re so fortunate to be in the Bronx, where many green initiatives are already underway, and we are proud to join the cause,” said Mark Salamon, Administrator at Gold Crest Care Center. “The planet is the most important resource we have. It’s our home above all else so we have to take care of it.”

Gold Crest Care Center provides its residents with short term rehabilitation, long-term nursing care and 24 hour on call board-certified physicians and registered nurses. Gold Crest also offers hospice care, cancer recovery services, IV therapies, specialized wound treatment, ophthalmology, podiatry, audiology, dental services, radiology services, pastoral services and more.

Gold Crest enjoys amenities that include a whirlpool/shower areas, WIFI, sun-rooms, private dining rooms, family rooms, a library and a piano room. Gold Crest’s goal is to help reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, as well as improving overall quality of life. Their dedicated staff are passionate about the life enrichment programs, such as birthday parties, BBQ’s, special events, live entertainment and more.

Feel free to visit Gold Crest Care Center at 2316 Bruner Ave, Bronx, NY, for a tour of the facility. Give us a call at (718) 882-6400 or check us out online at Like us at Follow us at Connect with us at Join us at

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