It’s BBQ Season Gold Crest Care Center

There are many ways that the quality of life can be measured, but most people find that the way a person spends their “down time” can be seen as a consistent indicator. Gold Crest Care Center of the Bronx has many different recreation options for residents, including regularly scheduled outdoor BBQ’s on the patio to be held throughout the summer. Just like when residents lived at home, these BBQ’s allow people an opportunity to relax, get to know their neighbors, and enjoy fellowship with other residents and invited guests at our Bronx nursing home. 

The recreational opportunities at Gold Crest Care Center help accommodate those who are in different stages of life and independence, which makes the adjustment to new living arrangements easier. Some activities include many different kinds of field trips to satisfy a wide variety of tastes and interests. We offer movies, arts and crafts, musical programs and music therapy, and of course, during the summer, BBQ’s on the patio. All of these activities allow residents to keep as busy as they want to be as they interact with new and old friends alike.

When guests come to visit residents at Gold Crest Care Center, their meal is complementary. Whether a guest comes to spend a birthday or holiday, or simply comes by to enjoy a BBQ outside on a summer evening, we strive to keep the atmosphere positive and your visit satisfying. BBQ’s are just one of many different ways that Gold Crest Care Center keeps residents engaged and active so that they can continue enjoying their life.

Moving into a care center is merely another chapter in an interesting life. With BBQ’s and other activities throughout the year, our residents will find that life is still just as easy to engage in as always.

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