Meet Gold Crest Care Center’s Outstanding Occupational Therapy Dept.

There are simple things in life that are taken for granted. For one, dexterity is something that very often is overlooked. Ranging from something as simple as picking up a coin from the ground, to signing a check, these seemingly simple tasks are not always simple for all. One’s mobility and ability to perform these tasks is not guaranteed, especially in the later years of life. This is where the field of occupational therapy comes into play.

Occupational therapy can break down the doors of what the ‘norm’ is after a surgery or illness. These tireless therapists create new approaches and ways for individuals to accomplish the everyday tasks that cause difficulty. An example of this would be someone who is not able to write well because they have trouble gripping a pencil. A therapist will then give a patient a pencil with a specialized grip and teach them how to use it to write. The patient will be able to take this specialized pencil with them into their ‘ordinary’ daily life. This is just one example of personalized methods of improvement that trained occupational therapists can bring.

Here at Gold Crest Care Center we employ only the most skilled occupational therapists who utilize many different approaches and methods. Our team of occupational therapists are continuously updating and increasing their capabilities, all while providing the highest level of care to our residents. Feel secure that at Gold Crest, you are getting devoted caretakers who utilize state-of-the-art treatment options. ​

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