"Your assistance has been invaluable"

"Your assistance has been invaluable"

WR ~ September 2015

We have so many people in our life to express our gratitude towards, but we rarely find the time and occasion to express our sincere thanks.

During the time my mother-in-law has been residing at Gold Crest, we have seen her life extended in a good way and we feel that she is in good hands. Thank you and the staff on the 1st floor there, actions have said it all.

We appreciate the care Gold Crest is providing. Your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process.

Again, thank you so much.

"God bless all of you for providing such an invaluable service! "

MB ~ September 2015

Good morning Mr. Salamon, 

I wanted to recap the conference call this morning with your staff regarding the annual status report on our mother, AA. 

E******, mom’s social worker placed the call and handed it over to B******, mom’s nurse manager who gave the following report:
Mom is stable; walking around with the staff; the screaming/loud sounds she makes are normal and indicative of her needs (e.g., if she wants to walk around, etc.) 

He went over her medications and I requested that the laxatives be given less often because we’re finding her clothing soiled. B****** said he had not gotten any reports of frequent bowel movements during the day but he would look into removing one of the laxative meds (lactalose sp?) to see if there is improvement.  He reported that mom’s appetite has improved; she’s mobile and not as sleepy during the day as she was when she first moved to the 1st floor.  In the morning when she gets up, they follow her lead (which is something we’re learning to do) as to whether she’s ready to get up and walk around; get dressed, etc.  But they make sure she doesn’t stay in bed all day. 

B****** turned it over to the physical therapists and I asked about her going limp when she walks around.  I was told this was instinctual and a normal part of dementia.  She’ll stop if she’s tired and get up if she’s bored.  It has nothing to do with any physical aspect.  But overall, her mobility has stabilized.  I told them I had heard she was even dancing with the staff last week.  :o) 

The call ended with my expressing our family’s heartfelt gratitude for the hard work that has gone into getting mom where she is today.  This August makes a year since she came to Goldcrest and although there were some bumps along the way, we are grateful that she is stable and doing much better than when she first entered your facility.  We see the concern and genuine affection your staff has toward our mother.  Some even affectionately call her “mommy.”  It means so much to us.  We know it isn’t easy.  If it were, we would be caring for her at home.  This is not how we pictured mom’s latter years and we would change it if we could.  But the reality is this is where we are and we’re thankful despite the circumstances.  

Thank you Mr. Salamon for managing a caring, compassionate, capable, professional staff.  Even the construction is a sign of your desire to make this a pleasant place for the residents and visitors alike.  I would appreciate your sharing our thanks with the staff. 

God bless all of you for providing such an invaluable service!  Thank you just doesn’t begin to cover it.