What makes Gold Crest Care Center’s physical therapy outcomes so successful?

Physical therapy is an arena that is constantly evolving with new innovations and technologies. In order to ensure that patients get the best possible care, researchers are constantly discovering novel methods of rehab. An example of this is a technology known as SIMIMotion, created by Simex USA, has entered the world of rehab. This machine uses 3D and 2D technology to explore and map out the movements of the injured to see what exactly is causing the problem.

While there is a constant flow of new types and methods of physical therapy, there remains one crucial factor that determines the success or failure of the rehab: a proficient instructor. Without a therapist that understands the fundamentals of the exercises and technology, the whole process can be for nothing. Ultimately the therapy is contingent on the instructor’s knowledge and skill. But what makes a great physical therapist?

A qualified physical therapist needs to understand the modern forms of physical therapy. The therapist must also be able to demonstrate the stretches and exercises needed for the rehabilitation. In addition, they need to be courteous but at the same time push the patient to remain consistent with the rehab. The qualities exhibited are a must, without them, the therapy will not be effective. While the patient participating must be able to follow through with the workouts, it is ultimately the therapist who will set them up for success.

At Gold Crest Care Center, we enjoy a very highly qualified and supremely talented team of physical therapists who demonstrate the needed qualities for patient success. Our physical therapists truly care, and it shows. We have a very impressive record of patient outcomes, allowing residents who at some point could not walk at all to leave our facility on their own two legs. We achieve amazing rehab results time and time again.

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